Jan 14, Murchison, New Zealand

I left Nelson yesterday morning (Jan 13th) expecting an unpleasant ride along a the busy highway No. 6. Instead, I found out that a new cycle route had been commissioned and would take me almost the entire way to my destination. The path was loaded with helpful signs:

Helpful signs painted on the path.

(Rich–it looks like they naturally associate cycling with dogs!).
The path eventually turned to dirt, but it followed an old railroad route, so it was not too steep.

Biking along an old railroad grade

I had planned to ride over a killer hill. But the path took me instead to an abandoned tunnel–nearly a mile long!

Nearly a mile underground

I arrived at Quinney’s Bush Camp for the night. The campground was quite a disappointment on many levels, but I got a good night’s sleep and was happy for it. I got an early start today, now riding along highway 6. This proved to be a very stressful ride, with much of the time spent just not getting hit by trucks.
Today’s ride took me over a 23 km climb, that started out gradual, but ended up with me pushing my bike up an impossibly steep hill to the summit. But look what I found when I reached this “impossible” objective:

Cycling up an impossibly steep hill? Hope changes what’s possible!

Later I would pass a Hope Glenn, a Hope River, and even a Little Hope River.
I made it to the town of Murchinson around 4 PM and set up in a local campground where I currently am staying. It is supposed to rain all night, but should be mostly clear tomorrow. Onward!

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  • Of course dogs and cycling are a natural pairing…sorta like beer and cycling.

    It’s good you’re encountering so many HOPEful signs. Hope really does change what’s possible…can’t wait to get you back here to tell your story to the FREEDOM TOUR team.

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