Speaking Schedule

Lectures are still being arranged. Contact me if you are interested in booking a presentation! Check out the route section of this web site to see if I will be passing near your city.

April 3, 2016. University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming.

April 8, 2016. Central Wyoming College, Riverton, Wyoming. (Two talks in Riverton)

April 11, 2016. Greybull, Wyoming. (Two talks in Greybull)

April 16, 2016. Bozeman Public Library, Bozeman, Montana.

April 21, Browning, Montana (Three talks in Browning)

April 26, 2016. University of Calgary, BC

May 17, 2016. Fort Nelson, BC (Two talks in Fort Nelson)

Jun 4, 2016. Whitehorse Public Library, Whitehorse, YT

August 26, 2016. Observatoire de Sauverny, Geneva Switzerland

Sept. 1, 2016. Kiepenheuer-Institut fuer Sonnenphysik

Sept 13, 2016. Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Sept 21, 2016.  Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Sept 23, 2016. Slovak Academy of Sciences

Sept 29, 2016. Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Konkoly Observatory, Bratislava, Slovakia

Oct. 10, 2016. Department of Physics, Colorado University, Denver, Colorado

Oct. 12, 2016. Limon High School, Limon, Colorado (2 talks in Limon)

Oct., 23, 2016. Depart of Physics and Astronomy, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Oct., 26, 2016. Department of Engineering and Physics, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX

Nov. 2, 2016. University of Texas Astronomy Department, Austin, TX (2 talks at UT)

Nov. 17, 2016. Louisiana State University Astronomy Department, Baton Rouge, LA

Dec 3, 2016. A small group of astronomy enthusiasts, Tallahassee, FL

Dec 18, 2016. Crane Point Museum and Nature Center, Marathon, FL.