Sept. 8, Donauworth, Germany

Hi all,

Just a quick update as I have limited internet connection. I got a late start today, owing to the need to take care of some work on my computer first, and owing to the fog which left my gear quite damp. The riding was almost completely flat for the entire day, much of it along the Danube on dirt, but otherwise good, paths.



You might notice in the distance—I saw my first German nuclear reactor!

German nuclear reactor

German nuclear reactor

I loved the flowers in the foreground. Stunning!

Later in the day, I met a really interesting man–the first American cyclist I have met since coming to Europe. His name is Professor Frank Williams from the University of Augusta in Georgia. Frank is a history professor, and is riding in Germany to retrace the route take by the Catholic Cardinal Luigi d’Aragon. (Frank–please correct me if I am spelling it wrong). He is going to write a book about this. I was impressed by his desire to experience the same lands and forests as the person he is trying to understand It was nice to talk to a fellow American and I was really sorry we were heading in opposite directions. I wish him well.


Professor Frank Williams

Professor Frank Williams


Eventually, I came to the town of Donauworth and went to the only campground shown on the map–a small place that is actually located at a Kayak club along the Danube. 6 Euros and everything I need, including a vending machine that sells bottled beer for 1.5 Euros.

View from my tent

View from my tent

I need to do another 80 km tomorrow, and make up for some that I missed as well today. Until next time….





3 Responses to “Sept. 8, Donauworth, Germany

  • Scott: saw this poem and thought of you and your trusty steed, rolling as one soul, the sense of mystery that you pursue, of machine and man having fun…

    Bro Time with my Bike
    By Will Rogers III

    Stopped at a red light,
    Looking down the hill,
    We wait to take flight,
    We wait for the thrill.

    Riding the green light wave,
    Riding the small bumps and holes,
    My bike and I roll down the way,
    My bike and I roll as one soul.

    The wheels turn quicker and quicker
    While the air flies past like sweet sound.
    My bike light continues to flicker,
    While together we, in our music, are drowned.

    There’s a level of trust between us two,
    We listen to each other and feel as one.
    And yet there’s a sense of mystery that we pursue,
    That of machine and man having fun.

  • First, there’s no such thing as a “good dirt bike trail.” Good bike trails are paved. 🙂

    Second, beer vending machines? What a country!

  • Oh I am so enjoying experiencing this tour via your blog! So many interesting people! And seriously? Stunning flowers next to a nuclear reactor? I bet they glow in the dark;). Love you!

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