August 8. The Ultimate Bike Path

Dear friends.

This actually exists. I can’t believe that I have lived much of my adult life as a cycling enthusiast without knowing about this path. I joined it near Nantes, France and will follow it all the way to Switzerland. About 1000 miles of basically flat cycling, amid beautiful fields, vinyards and small towns. About every 10 miles there is a campground of sorts with bathrooms, showers and electricity. Most of them have a little store where you can buy a few things, including wine and beer. Many have a restaurant. The cost: About 6 Euros. For a couple Euros more, you can have breakfast waiting for you around 8 AM.

I have encountered multigenerational families cycle touring. I saw a man today with his young son on a tandem cycle, that has the kid in the front, while the dad steers from the back. Trailers. But hundreds and hundreds of cycle tourists today.

I went a month on the first leg without seeing another tourist. Today, I saw 500. It was amazing. Tonight, I am camping amidst about 2o other cycle tourists.

The path is along the Loire river. At any point where there might be confusion as to which direction to go, there is this universal sign.

Sign on the Ultimate Bike Path

Sign on the Ultimate Bike Path

This follows a river, so the hills are minimal. Most of the path is paved and what isn’t is high quality in any case. There are shops and all kinds of things to see an do along the way.

This path is the world’s best kept secret!


On the left: Sunflowers in Spain. On the right: Sunflowers in France.

On the left: Sunflowers in Spain. On the right: Sunflowers in France.

By the way, have I mentioned Google Translate? I have been having complete conversations with non English-speaking people using this App. It takes a bit of patience and a good internet (or cell) connection. But what an amazing piece of technology!

I met a nice group of English blokes today and, by coincidence, we ended up at the same campground! I sold them all of my Sterling as it weighs about a pound and wont do me any good.

The internet connection won’t allow me to post all the pictures that I have, but here is one more in any case.


The river I am following.

The river I am following.



Tomorrow, I am going to ride another 100 km and then take a day off to do some work. Until then,




4 Responses to “August 8. The Ultimate Bike Path

  • Fabulous Scott! All things for the good! And it certainly sounds like you are in a good place:). So glad you are having such a wonderful experience in France! Love you, brother!

  • You reach in the bag and sometimes you get peanuts and other times you get shells.

    Enjoy the peanuts!

  • Hi Scott

    I’m one of the English party you met on this day. It was great to meet you and hear about your adventure. Sadly we’re all back at work now, but we will continue to watch your progress and dream about our own next adventures. We made it as far as Chinon and then had to return to Nantes and Roscoff via train before catching the ferry home to England.

    Safe travels!

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