Dec. 4, Madison, Florida

Hi Folks!

In the last post, I talked about tagging hummingbirds. Well–we got one on Friday. It was really interesting to hold one of these little guys. I could feel its heart beating at about 300 beats per minute.

Tagging a humming bird

Tagging a humming bird

I had originally planned on giving a lecture at Florida State University, but it fell through. Instead, I gave a lecture to a small group of astronomy enthusiasts, put together at the last moment.

I rode out of Tallahassee, Saturday morning (12/3) following US-90. The traffic was light most of the day, and I had good shoulders. Earlier, I had contacted the city offices on Madison, FL, looking for a place to camp. They set me up with a really nice bunch of folks at the local fire station!

Fred--a firefighter--and myself in front of their show truck.

Fred–a firefighter–and myself in front of their show truck.

This was one of the most low key days of cycling…but I did have one very interesting thing occur. You could imagine someone walking around the world, right? Well I encountered someone walking the world around.

A man rolling a globe along US 90.

A man rolling a globe along US 90.

This is not something you see every day!

I need to get on the road, so I will say farewell until my next post.


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