Nov. 9, Lake Conroe, Texas

I got on the road to Navasota, Texas at first light. It was going to be a 65 mile ride and I wanted to make certain that I would arrive prior to dark. Apparently, this area was settled by German immigrants, and you can see the culture as you ride. I passed a particularly interesting property–the kind of place you would see on “American Pickers.”

Good material for American Pickers

Good material for American Pickers


The route took me to the town of Burton, where I was supposed to head north along the official route taking small country roads. After asking multiple people about the existence (or lack thereof) of shoulders, I opted to take US 290 to the city of Brenham and then head northeast along Texas highway 105. This proved to be a good choice, and saved me 6 miles and several hundred feet of climbing. The city of Brenham was really interesting as well–lots of art and antiques. I’d love to come back to this city sometime.

I made it to the campground at about 4:30. This was a decent place–only 5 bucks and that included a shower. However, there were fire ants everywhere. You really have to watch these guys–I got a couple of bites before I realized the problem.


Fire ants everywhere

Fire ants everywhere

I went to sleep last night pretty certain that Clinton would win the election. At about 2 AM, I woke up and decided to check my phone to see if a winner had been determined. Looks like Trump is the next president. God help us.

This morning (11/9) I got an early start. About half-way through my ride, I went through the community of Lake Conroe and, off to my right was a bike store. I’m not going to pass up a bike store, and I stopped in just on general principles. I was greeted by Cindy Noori, who asked me if I had come to stay.

Cindy Noori at Lake Conroe Cycling

Cindy Noori at Lake Conroe Cycling

Cindy is a Warm Showers host, and has set up her bike shop to accommodate cycle tourists! What a nice person. I decides that I would do it! I was immediately offered lunch and beers from two different local breweries. I will take two half days off, instead of 1 whole day. I am at the bike store now (Lake Conroe Cycling) and will leave tomorrow morning.



4 Responses to “Nov. 9, Lake Conroe, Texas

  • David Stischer
    5 years ago

    Sorry to hear about the fire ants. It looks like you found a great place to stop for a couple of days. God bless you and keep you safe.

  • thanks Dave! I’m on my way in a couple of hours

  • God help us, indeed! If I join you for your ride through Florida, any chance we could build up a big head of steam and jump across from Key West? I hear Cuba is nice! (Just kidding…I think.)

  • I was delighted to have Scott pop up in my shop. He had just stopped in because it was on his route. As a warm showers host I just had to offer a warm shower and some local beers and food my friends had given me. I don’t really do beer but my cycling folks really enjoy them! Happy riding to you Scott…I am reading the blog as you go. It is really great. Tell your wife she is a doll for letting you get out for the year and spread the new about the telescope.

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