October 15, Lamar, Colorado

I got on the road this morning with the sun. I set a new personal record for breaking camp: 90 minutes and that includes cooking breakfast. The ride into Lamar today was easy–I made the 56 miles by 12:30 in the afternoon. This is what cycle touring is supposed to be like–you spend the morning riding and the afternoon doing other stuff.
I am really enjoying the scenery! Many years ago, when my father announced that we would be moving from California to Wyoming, my mother (or so the story goes) inquired as to what there was in Wyoming. My father replied with a smile, “Nothing.” That statement applies to this part of the world as well, and I really like it. Nothing is wonderful! Nothing is really a whole lot of something. But now I am faced with a familiar dilemma: how do you photograph it? Experiencing nothing goes well beyond what you can see through a camera lens. Its a feeling, a smell and a contentment of sorts.
Clouds over the prairie...

Clouds over the prairie…

First river I've passed since Denver

First river I’ve passed since Denver

I just about stepped on this little guy when I stopped to take off my jacket.
No rattles

No rattles

About 10 miles before I rode into Lamar, I passed an enormous feed lot (cattle). The wind was blowing in a direction that favored the cattle, and not highway 287.
Cattle along Highway 287

Cattle along Highway 287

Many people are sickened by the smell of cows. Me? It makes me hungry. I’ve always associated that smell with a ribeye on my plate. I may just have a steak for dinner.
I’ve parked myself in the public library for the afternoon to do some work. I may take tomorrow off, but the wind is supposed to be worse on Monday, so I may ride one more day before relaxing in Campo, Colorado.
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4 Responses to “October 15, Lamar, Colorado

  • Yikes! I am not a fan of snakes!!

    • Yeah, and that ‘no rattle’ probably means it was a baby rattlesnake, and their venom is potent!

  • Beautifully said, Scott. The west has so much nothing, and it is wonderful!

  • Scott
    You remember very well the story about the move from CA to WY. It was nice to hear it from you. I agree about the smell of a cattle feed lot. It is never offensive to me. However horses and pigs is another story.

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