August 7, Boure de laRompure (France)

Hi guys,


My first day cycling in France was awesome! I slept in the airport last night and did quite well. I decided to trust my experience in biking within the USA and set up “Camp” right next to the airport police station in the airport. No one would think of trying to rob me and the police were my greatest friend. That’s always been my experience when cycling. I got about 6 hours of good sleep.

I set out for the nearest campground along the route and got there in no time. The next campground was about 30 miles away and it was only 1:00 PM, so I decided to go for it. Along the way, I kept passing signs to something called “Municipal campground.” I took one of those turns to find a very nice place to camp–water, showers, electricity and minimal concessions, including wine and beer. So, I decided to camp here after about 40 miles. The other campgrounds have swimming pools (movie stars, etc.) and they are about 20 Euros. This was only 6. Guess where I am going to camp from now on!

I should add that when I was leaving Seville, I was the last person to board the plane because I parked myself in front of the window to see if my bike and checked bags were being loaded onto the plane. They were, and all arrived undamaged.

I should also add that sleeping in the airport saved me about 100- Euros, and I was quite comfortable (having a mattress and pillow). Internet is not so good, so I will wait until later to upload pictures.

All is well!






PS. High of about 75 today!


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  • Hi Scott,
    Dad and I are pleased that you are well and making progress on your bike journey. Stacie, David, and Nadia (sp) are coming to visit us next week, and so is Kathleen. I have no idea what to feed Stacie. She and I will have to go grocery shopping. Dad and I are keeping you in our prayers for a safe trip, and a safe journey home. Love, Mom and Dad.

  • So glad to hear you’re making progress again. I had no idea Iberia would be so hard to navigate. Keep Hope alive! 🙂

  • Hi Dr Acton! I’m Raquel ( we met at Sevilla airport) i’m glad your bike arrived at Nantes with no problems.
    Have a nice trip and i hope everything is ok

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