May 11, Fort St. John

Internet is going to become a bit scarce starting today, so this may be my last post for a while. The ride from Dawson Creek to Fort St. John was beautiful, with a killer hill near the end.

Elevation profile

Elevation profile

The large dip and climb is associated with the Peace River. Breathtaking!


Just before the downhill section

Just before the downhill section

Yep–that’s a 10% grade!

Bridge across the peace river

Bridge across the peace river



Hayley and Tom–our host family through–let us camp in their back yard, and use their facilities. They have two dogs–Winston and Kona. Thanks guys!

The traffic along the Alaskan highway from Dawson Creek to Fort St. John was awful. It is supposed to really start thinning out now, as will signs of civilization. Until next time…


8 Responses to “May 11, Fort St. John

  • Beautiful scenery!

  • Scott, You’re supposed to gather speed on the downhill so you don’t have to pedal so much on the other side…! 🙂
    Safe travels, and keep posting those beautiful pictures in your blog!

  • Hello Scott, we met on the highway today, I gave you some water. Yes the view is great, and hill is quit steep. But just wait till’ you hit steam boat. Even trucks have to stop and take a rest!! 😉 Anyways hope the weather stays good for yeah, and it was nice to meet you.

    • Thanks Tyrell! Your extra water made it possible for us to camp within a mile of where we met.

  • Enjoying your updates and the beautiful landscape. My husband is a cyclist (though he sticks close to home) and I am the knitter of the JWST baby blankie that I believe you have seen. We look forward to watching your progress!

  • I’m advocating for a button on your webpage that tells us “Where’s Scott now?” and “How’s the weather?” Are you getting good at camp cooking, or are you sick of eating on the road?

  • David Stischer
    7 years ago

    Looks like your adventure is going great. Love the photos. Keep pedaling!

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