May 2nd, Whitecourt, AB

Hello everyone!
I am sitting at the Sagitawah campground outside of Whitecourt, AB. It has wifi,so I thought I’d take a moment to quickly update the blog.
As of today, I have biked 1430 miles, and spent 31 days on the road. The world bike tour is now officially 10% complete! For the most part, the fears that I had about my body not holding together have proven to be unfounded. My legs feel good and my stomach problems have all but disappeared. My energy level is a bit lower than I would like, but I suspect that has something to do with being 55.

An enormous stack of logs in Drayton Valley

We left Drayton Valley and biked to a campground in Mayerthorpe, and then today biked to Whitecourt. (Today I set a tour speed record of 36.6 mph going down a hill). In general, the past two days have been completely unremarkable–unless you count the absolutely beautiful farm land and country side.

A river near Entwistle


Rolling hills

I took a look at the schedule and realized that all of the stops were spaced just between the population centers–not a good idea if you are looking for campgrounds. So, I decided to sacrifice a rest day in favor of two short biking days (less than 30 miles) so the stopping points would coincide with the cities. As such, today was only a 27 mile ride.
Since the start of the Al-Can highway is only 300 miles from here, the number of members of is increasing. (Warm Showers is a network of people willing to host cycle tourists!) I’ve got several inquiries in and hope to stay in multiple homes from here on out.
Tomorrow’s destination is Fox Creek, and from there it is on to a campground on Sturgeon Lake. That’s all for now…

5 Responses to “May 2nd, Whitecourt, AB

  • 55 is the new 30…keep cranking.

    Here’s a new challenge. At some point on the tour, you need to exceed the posted speed limit.

  • Sure wish I could be a mouse in your pocket on this trip! What a journey, Scott. God bless and keep you, as He has so much already:)

  • David Stischer
    7 years ago

    Scott, so glad to see you are having some good weather and favorable conditions. Looks like you have found some beautiful scenery also. Already one month on the road ? You are doing great, keep up the good work! I think about you every time I ride my bike past Neva Road. May God continue to bless your adventure!

  • Great progress, Scott!
    All the best,
    Jim O

  • Greetings to you, and to Elisabeth. Good luck with your derailleur hanger. 🙂

    PS I plagiarized some of your presentation material to talk to some 3rd-graders at my sister-in-law’s school last week. Thanks!

    Eric C

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