April 11, Greybull, Wyoming

I woke up rather late at the Fountain of Youth RV park and, as such, did not get on the road until 9:00 AM. Moderate head winds and a 70 mile ride meant that I could not afford to stop for even a brief break. I pulled into Greybull just as the sun was setting; an exhausting day’s ride. Fortunately, I had today off and very little to do. My sister booked me a gig at the local elementary student. A room full of 4th graders showed quite bit of enthusiasm for the subject matter.


Greybull Elementary

Greybull Elementary


Later in the day, I gave a talk to a rather small, but interested crowd that was well received. But look at the add that the local paper ran:


Add in paper


My sister had a special cake made for the event:


WBT Cake

Tomorrow, I ride into Greybull to meet a high-school friend for lunch, and then it is on into Montana. Tomorrow I will cross the 500 mile mark!


8 Responses to “April 11, Greybull, Wyoming

  • Hey James!

    Spectacular photos, impressive riding, and a great message to get out there, as only a bicyclist can.

    Hoping for 500 miles behind you by tomorrow. We’re with you!

  • Amazing photos, curious audiences, nearly 500 miles. Sounds like you’re beginning to find a rhythm to life on the road.

    Keep the tires turning.

  • Wish I could be out there pulling for you on those big-headwind days! Sorry I missed the send-off. I’ll be here at the office keeping the software warm for you.

  • The kids loved having you at the school! It’s not every day they get to meet a famous scientist and learn such mind blowing things! FYI, they were 5th graders:)

  • Duncan Shields
    7 years ago

    The JWST family is in awe of your commitment and vision Scott. I really do choke up every time I read about your interaction with the people you visit along your route, and more exciting, the kids who will dream about the vistas that JWST will reveal to humanity. It will be fun to watch your following grow.

  • Marshall Perrin
    7 years ago

    Hi Scott – we’re sitting here at the Cert Lab at Goddard after testing some software, and are checking in on things with you and your ride. Thinking of you and hoping the winds have been more favorable. That old Irish blessing – May the wind be always at your back!

    – Marshall Perrin, Tom Comeau, Wayne Baggett, Jim Tersigni

    • Hey good to hear from you guys! I am sitting in my tent on the Yellowstone River near Columbus Montana. I’m having a good time, but some of these days are unbelievably difficult. I imagine there will be a few of those before I get to Alaska. Call my cell phone sometime; it would be fun to talk.

  • Hey Scott! I sure hope the weather has been favorable and you are able to bike a little more easily. Looking forward to another post from you, perhaps when you are in Bozeman. Love you brother!

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