Feelin’ much better!

Hi Folks!

feelingbetter2-675x1024My recovery from the bypass surgery is going quite well. Last Wednesday (two weeks after the surgery) I got onto a stationary bike as part of the Longmont Hosptital’s cardio rehab program. It felt wonderful to be bicycling again, even if indoors and on an upright bike. The beauty of this program is that while you exercise, specialists monitor your EKG and heart rate. Today, I cranked out about 150 watts for 30 minutes, which is good. But the great news is that I had none of the pain that started this whole adventure. It looks like the new blood supply that the surgeon gave my heart is working! Here is a picture of me on the stationary bike from last Wednesday. In case you are wondering, I am wearing the official JWST World Bicycle Tour jersey. The jerseys look great, and will be available for purchase shortly. More on that later…


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